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Massive respect for these guys, they are working for free and providing such an awesome service, for all the people complaining about the surveys.. grow up it takes 3 mins and your getting a years FREE Netflix account!!

Elliot Hunt

I would like to say a massive thanks to WorldFlix who provided me with my 1 years Netflix subscription

Leo Davey

Been using my account for several months now, i’ve just came back to get another account for my mum, thought I would leave a review while I’m here – it’s the least I can do.

Victoria Shaw

WOAH 1 years free Netflix – YES PLEASE, never completed such an easy survey!

Rosie Burrows

I’ve had my account for over 3 months and it’s still going strong, i’ve had no problems whatsoever. Giant thanks to you guys!

Kyle Hooper

When I first saw that I had to complete a survey I called fake, I gave it a try anyway and to my amazement it worked and my account now had 1 years worth of netflix.

Riley Barton

Nothing else I can really say apart from thanks, i appreciate everything you guys do.

Victoria Yates

This is crazy, who gives away this stuff for free? well clearly these guys do! I don’t know how you do it but thanks for my account!

Aaron Hanson

Props to these guys, got myself a 1 years netflix subscription thanks a ton!

Aaron Hanson

It’s so easy to get a free netflix account, the only annoying part is where you have to complete a survey, even though it took me around 5 minutes and was very easy to complete.

Corey Godfrey

My mate told me about this website, I called BS at first but gave it a try for myself and it actually worked! thanks worldflix i’ll be sure to tell my friends about this!

Isabelle Nixon

WOOP WOOP! This is what i’ve been looking for, a FREE netflix account, being a student i don’t have much money, so you guys are life savers! 🙂 x

Isabelle Nixon

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