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As a new security update you will be required to complete a short free survey before we give you the account details. We have put these surveys in place as a security measurement because bots are visiting our website on a daily basis and taking all the free accounts. This new security update will stop the bots stealing the accounts therefor leaving us humans users a 100% success ratio every time they apply for an account!

 Please don’t worry your account has been reserved and we are just waiting on the completion of a survey so we can send you the details. On average a survey takes around 3 minutes to complete, for everyone complaining about the surveys WE’RE DOING IT FOR YOUR SAKE! if it wasn’t for these surveys we would have been shut down months ago! A survey normally consists of the user filling out his information such as name, email etc, if you are using a mobile device it can normally ask you to download an app, this is just to prove you are human then you can delete the app after.

To get started please press the button below to complete a survey, after you have fully completed the survey you will be presented with the Netflix account details