WorldFlix offer 1 year Netflix accounts for FREE!

What we do?

I’m sure you already know what WorldFlix is about but if not let me explain – This website offers a years Netflix subscription completely free of charge. Yes you read that correctly it’s FREE, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what you do, anybody can get a free Netflix account from WorldFlix! Now you may be thinking who in their right mind would give away a years Netflix? Well lets just say James Kole (The founder of Worldflix) is a very kind and passionate person, if you read our about page he states – “I get a buzz every time I give something to somebody less fortunate than me” This is just one of freebie websites that James runs.

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After you have used our service we ask that you leave a review, your review will help us gain trust with the public so more and more people will believe that out service is real. we are sad to say that all of the websites that offer a service like us are fake, we are the ONLY website providing FREE Netflix accounts! We post the 6 best monthly reviews to our homepage and the other 12 to our reviews page, please note that we get hundreds of reviews but only 18 of them are posted each month.